Use these concentrates as antigen-positive controls in:

  • ELISA testing
  • Spike and recovery experiments
  • Western blot analysis

Most of the HCP antigen concentrates are extracted from crude sources, such as lysate or culture media, and may have been processed or purified. Absolute quantification of these complex antigens mixtures is difficult, and concentrations and fill volumes may vary by lot. In addition, the potency and stability of these antigens in various dilution matrices have not been established. For these reasons, an approximate concentration is listed on the label.

Always determine the final concentration of these antigens under their conditions of use and relative to these standards or calibrators used in the assay.

Cygnus prepares custom polyclonal antibodies using proprietary antigen preparation and immunization protocols that ensure high titer and specific antigenic response. Affinity-purified antibodies for detection of process-related impurities

The suffix of each product name indicates the type of antibody:

  • -AF is affinity-purified
  • -AF-AP is affinity-purified: alkaline phosphatase-labeled
  • -AF-B is affinity-purified: biotinylated
  • -AF-HRP is affinity-purified: HRP-labeled

Cygnus Technologies, part of Maravai LifeSciences, is the biopharmaceutical industry’s partner in host cell protein (HCP) and other process-related impurity detection and analytics. In addition, Cygnus now provides innovative viral clearance solutions as well. Cygnus helps companies developing therapeutic proteins, vaccines, antibodies, plasma derivatives, and gene therapies to ensure the safety of biotherapeutics prior to human trials, regulatory approval, and commercial release.

Cygnus is an industry pioneer responsible for developing and commercializing the first generic assay kits for HCP detection. Its reputation for quality is recognized by the industry and global regulatory agencies.

It continues to advance the science of bioprocess impurity detection with new breakthroughs, including its Antibody Affinity Extraction (AAE) technology and orthogonal methods of HCP analysis that integrate Mass Spectrometry, AAE and ELISA, and MockV virus clearance kits. Cygnus’ proprietary technology, available through its off-the-shelf and custom analytics programs, sets the gold standard for enabling HCP and other bioprocess impurity antibody and assay development. Cygnus’ quality management program and processes are ISO-9001:2015 certified.